Portable Electric Cable Support Tower

Portable Electric Cable Support Tower (or PECST)  was engineered by safety and construction
workers. Workplace safety practices include keeping electrical cables (welding
cables, power cords, etc.) suspended so that they are not in contact with the
ground and are not likely to come into contact with a worker. This safety
practice is due to the risk that some portion of a construction person’s body
may complete an electrical circuit if the contractor is standing on the ground
and touches an electrical cable; or if the ground itself is in electrical
contact with an electrical cable.

The traditional way to keep electrical cables off the ground on a
work site is to use lengths of lumber. For example, two-by-four studs are used
to prop the cables overhead. One disadvantage of using lumber to prop up cables
is that each tower is constructed onsite. This requires time-consuming rough
carpentry to add a base to each vertical board. Hooks to suspend the cables are
formed by nails driven partially into the top of the tower, a less-than-ideal
situation since it would be preferable for all parts of the tower to be

These lumber towers are only marginally effective because
they are prone to falling over due to a high center of gravity. The lumber
towers are awkward to move and are almost never moved from one job site to
another. They are so inconvenient to move and/or store that construction
companies routinely dispose of them when a job is completed. They accept that
new ones will need to be constructed at future construction sites. This is a
waste of resources, a burden on productivity, and an economically inefficient
recurring cost. What is needed is a Portable Electric Cable Support Tower that
will hold electrical cables overhead safely, and that is inexpensive,
lightweight, reusable, and convenient to move and store.

The Portable Electric Cable Support Tower provides
temporary support for one or more electrical cables above ground level at a
construction site. The support tower is made of a non-conductive base having a
bottom that engages the ground and a top that extends straight up. The base is
comprised of shredded, recycled rubber tire material. Furthermore, the base is
wide enough and heavy that it is sturdy and will not tip over easily. Finally,
the Portable Electric Cable Support Towers are light enough that a one person
is permitted by law to move it.


  • American Recycled Scrap Tire Crumb Rubber – SBR with polyurethane binder
  • Post-Consumer Waste
  • Compression Molding
  • GreenSpec Listed
  • CSI Specs Available
  • 100% Recycled Content
  • Made In America


  • Enhances safety and minimizes liability on construction sites
  • All-weather weighted rubber base, easy maintenance, will not rust, chip, crack, crumble, corrode or need repainting
  • Supports cable weights up to 100 pound.
  • Telescoping pole to a 10 foot height with cable antler
  • Easy to deploy and install, easy to move from location to location – just tip and roll
  • Base is 100% Post Consumer Recycled Tire Rubber
  • Safety Yellow FRP non-conduction pole with safety locking collar and white cable antler
  • Safety Caution labels on Pole and cable antler
  • US Patents Issued


$275 / / RF-PCST73
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Additional Details

Includes round recycled rubber base, FRP safety yellow telescoping pole and cable bracket.


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Portable Electric Cable Support Tower

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