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Portable Recycled Rubber Sign Post Base, Sign Holder, Stanchion lets your customers, employees and visitors know you not only care about their safety, but also the environment. Our Sign Base - Sign Holder is made in the USA from 100% post consumer recycled tire rubber. Combined with our recycled aluminum traffic signs they make an excellent choice for Green or LEED certified building projects. Attractive and durable, this is ideal for parking lots, parking garages, crosswalks, schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, plazas, universities, hospitals, airports, construction sites, government facilities and many more. Use it anywhere portable or a semi-permanent signage is needed – such as Handicapped parking spots, entrances, pedestrian crosswalks, intersections, corporate facilities, events, and more. Aerodynamic and heavy enough to stay upright, yet light enough to be tipped and rolled to another location.



Model #RF-SGB70DS

Model #RF-SGBM




Model / Part#
Description / Dimensions
RF-SGBR70 Sign Base/Round Hole-2-3/8"
Black - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBR70P Sign Base/Round Hole-2-3/8"
Black with 5' Plastic Post - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBR70C Sign Base/Round Hole-2-3/8"
Yellow - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBR70PC Sign Base/Round Hole-2-3/8"
Yellow - with 5' Plastic Post - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBS70DS Sign Base/Square Hole-1-3/4"
Black - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBS70PDS Sign Base/Square Hole-1-3/4"
Black - with 5' Metal Post - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBS70C Sign Base/Square Hole-1-3/4"
Yellow - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBS70PC Sign Base/Square Hole-1-3/4"
Yellow - with 5' Metal Post - 18"D X 14"H
RF-SGBRCYLW Sign Base Cover - Yellow Round  $38.00
RF-SGBSCYLW Sign Base Cover - Yellow Square  $38.00


Sign Base weight for above products, 4 lag bolts included

RF-SGBM Sign Base Mover: 18" x 13" x 6" and 6" hard rubber wheels  $99.00