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Round Hinged Door

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The Round Hinged Door receptacle includes a plastic rigid removable liner, flat back lid with choice of openings and labeling. Three sizes are available:  32, 40 and 50 gallon.

The hinged door makes for easy changing of the liner and the door is reinforced to prevent warping due to changing weather environments.

Our lumber, 97% type-2 HDPE, is the purest grade of recycled plastic available in the industry today.  Premium grade resins and UV inhibitors are added to the lumber to prevent fading from sun exposure.

Virtually maintenance free, the plastic lumber will not absorb moisture and is resistant to mold, rotting and will not harbor insects.


32 Gallon $645.00 40 Gallon $695.00 55 Gallon $795.00

Dimensions: 32 - 24" D x 32" W, 40 - 27" D x 35" H, 55 - 27" D x 41" H



32 - N1-20332P2 40 - N1-20340P2 55- N120355P2