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The 64 Gallon Roll-out Enclosure provides high volume solutions for waste and recycling.  Our largest capacity, high traffic enclosure, hides the roll-out cart and keeps everything neat.  Simply open the front door to change out the full cart.

The Roll-Out Enclosure is available with the opening on the top or on the side.  Carts are not included.

Our lumber, 97% type-2 HDPE, is the purest grade of recycled plastic available in the industry today.  Premium grade resins and UV inhibitors are added to the lumber to prevent fading from sun exposure.

Virtually maintenance free, the plastic lumber will not absorb moisture and is resistant to mold, rotting and will not harbor insects.


Toploading - $1,955.00 Sideloading - $2,225.00

Dimensions: Toploading: 29" W x 35" D x 44" H Sideloading: 36" W x 36" D x 58" H



N3-18352064 Toploading N3-18351964 Sideopening